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Do you want to join me on a photo trip!?


Theo Bosboom leads photo trips to Iceland and Spain (Asturias) for the Dutch photo travel company Nordic Vision. The trips are suitable for photographers of every level of experience.


With more than 30 photo trips made in all seasons and all corners of Iceland, Theo is a real Iceland specialist. In his first photo book iceland pure he describes his passion for Iceland as follows: “It is not hard to explain why Iceland is an attractive destination for a nature photographer. It has the biggest ice cap in Europe; the most beautiful and powerful waterfalls; the largest number of active volcanoes. It has puffins and harlequin ducks, wild, rocky coasts and black lava beaches, deserted plateaus and bizarre geothermal phenomena. (...) More important is that when I am there I feel closer to nature than I do anywhere else. It is as if I experience nature more intensely here. Iceland gets under my skin, moves me, and overwhelms me. Time and time again.”


Asturias - a wild and green area in the Northwest of Spain - was a new destination in 2015 and will come back in 2018. Theo visited this area a couple of times between 2013 and 2017 and is really excited about the endless possibilities for photography on the many secluded beaches, both dramatic landscapes and intimate details.


Theo is eager to share his passion for Iceland and Asturias with the participants of the Nordic Vision photo trips.


During the trips the intention is not to go around the area in a high tempo to see as much as possible, but to really take the time at two or three stunning areas and to reduce the travel time as much as possible. This gives the photographers the chance to return to the same location several times, to photograph them in different light and weather conditions, to improve pictures already taken and to try out new things and find their own interpretation of the place. Experience learns that the participants enjoy the trips much better this way and – also important – return with better images.


For 2018 new trips have been announced, at the moment there are still places available for some of the trips mentioned: 



Landmannalaugar, Iceland (September 2018) - 1 place available


Colours of Iceland (september 2018) - 1 place available


Please visit the website of Nordic Vision for detailed information and bookings.


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