Fine art prints

The images on this website are available as high quality fine art prints.

All fine art prints are made on a professional printer on Hahnemühle PhotoRag Ultrasmooth paper, an acid free, archival paper, designed for fine art inkjet prints. All prints are controlled by the photographer before they go out.

Most of the images are available as limited edition prints. The editions are limited to an amount of 30 pictures in total, except for the images of the Shaped by the sea project that are limited to 25 prints. The pictures in the gallery Composed by nature are open edition prints, which means they have lower prices but the amount of prints sold of a picture is not limited. For the larger sizes, it can be nice to have the print mounted on dibond, a solution chosen by many customers.

Please contact me for the options and prices if you are interested in buying a print, I will be happy to advise you!

Some of the Shaped by the sea images can be purchased directly through the webshop with a 50% discount when buying the book during the pre-order period.


New: print gift card

Do you want to give someone a print as a special gift and are you not sure which picture to choose? Than giving a print gift card could be a good option. This is a personalised gift card that you will receive in your email and that you can print out yourself. The amount is chosen by you. If the recipient orders a print for an amount lower that the amount on the gift card, the remainder will be transferred back to your account within 10 days after delivery of the print, unless the remainder is less than 10 euro.The print gift card is available in English and Dutch and can be ordered by email.


Prints for your office

 If you are looking for a series of prints to decorate your office or any other building please contact me for the possibilities. I can offer interesting discounts for orders of 3 prints and more and am very happy to help you with your choice. Please note that I have a lot more images availabe than the ones published on my website, so it is always possible to show and offer you additional images within a certain theme, colour range of from the location of your choice.