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Dreams of wilderness

Dreams of wilderness

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What on earth does a photographer who is addicted to Iceland, rugged mountain landscapes and pristine wilderness hope to find in the Netherlands and Belgium, two of the most densely populated countries in the world, where almost every square kilometre of land is used by someone. Is it still possible to experience raw, unspoiled nature and create exciting photographs?


The answer is yes! It’s not always easy, but it can be done. Theo Bosboom photographed in the Veluwe and the Belgian Hautes Fagnes when winter was at its harshest, endured severe storms on Schiermonnikoog, delved into the wonderful world of damselflies, discovered that autumn under water has its own dynamic, and revealed the destructive power of fire on the Veluwe and nature’s subsequent recovery.


The result is a beautiful and surprising collection of images that demonstrate a singular and creative view of nature in the Low Countries.


Dreams of wilderness 1st edition, 2015

ISBN 978-90-819473-3-6

Hard cover, 144 pages, 117 pictures


‘At the same time we ask ourselves why we have never looked at nature the way Theo does. He lets us see the most intimate nature, nature we could discover anytime but which we have never seen before because our gaze seeks out the big around us. Theo reveals to us the greatness of the minimalistic.’ Kester Freriks







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