A couple of years ago I started wondering how autumn would look if seen from under water, through the eyes of a fish or another creature living under water. I saw the autumn leaves flowing by, saw them dancing in the water under small waterfalls, getting into vortices and getting struck behind branches in the water. And I started wondering if this all could be photographed.

It was not easy and it took me years of trying and making all kind of mistakes, but in the end I was able to make this photo series. It is part of my photo book Dreams of wilderness, it was published in the Dutch edition of National Geographic and in many other magazines in Europe and the pictures won me several awards at inter alia Wildlife photographer of the year, European wildlife photographer of the year and Zilveren camera. However, the most satisfying part of the project by far was that I have had the pleasure to discover a new, wonderful, suprising side of nature. It was absolutely worth the plunge!